Explain the MMJ Exchange

The MMJE functions just like a commodities market, with a few extra bells and whistles that make it even more effective and valuable to both buyers and sellers. Members of the Exchange can place bids, which are offers to buy, or asks, which are offers to sell. Once an offer is submitted into the system, the other members can view it and decide whether to accept the offer or place a counter or offer.

About the Platform

The MMJE is a business to business, private exchange market for Medical Marijuana Centers. Private exchange markets differ from conventional commodities exchanges that deal only with price and quantity. The MMJ Exchange takes into account many other factors, such as the distance between buyer and seller, delivery time, payment terms, quality of product, and different strains, so that buyers and sellers can find the perfect trading partner according to these various, important considerations and criteria.

The Importance of Anonymity

Anonymity is one of the central features of The MMJ Exchange. If buyers know exactly how much inventory a seller is sitting on, it can affect the price. Conversely, if sellers know a buyers need for product, this can also affect the price. The Exchange wants buyers and sellers to be protected from this sort of irrational market behavior, and so within our markets buyers and sellers are anonymous to each other until trades are consummated.